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Welcome to Seattletek

We are a Seattle based gaming and mobile application development company. Producing fun games and apps, that deliver the goods and create an enriching experience for the user is what we do. From PC gaming, Android & IOS gaming and development, and innovative browser based games and apps, there is no limit to what comes out of the twisted laboratories of Seattletek.


  • Android platforms, including the upcoming console device, the OUYA.
  • IOS platforms such as the IPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch.
  • Do not fret! We are both Windows and Mac friendly.

What people are saying

Check out what people have said about us in the App Store, and Google Play Store!

  • Good graphics and an innovative turn based combat system. - Joshua, Beasts & Blades
  • Beautifully done! This is a turn-based rpg I can enjoy. - Michael, Beasts & Blades
  • Never before has an app allowed me to express my unyielding faith in Alien Origin Theory.... - Droid X User, Tsoukalos Sounds
  • Funny! Voice acting is awesome. Jason, Redneck Toss